Bonang All Flattered And Flirty With Big Zulu

The year isn’t far gone yet, but it appears like a new love story is brewing between Bonang Matheba and Big Zulu.

In a recent tweet, the House of BNG boss had joked that a Zulu man will sweep a lady off her feet. She ended up encouraging the ladies to be vigilant. Lol.

Bonang had met out in the street which appears to be somewhere around the venue of Riky Rick’s memorial service and during their conversation, it was clear that Bonang was charmed by it all. She was just laughing all over the place. Some think it is the Inkabi Effect – whatever that means.

For context, Inkabi is the name of a record label owned by Big Zulu. Inkabi Records.

The reactions so far to and Bonang possibly hitting it off has been overwhelmingly positive. Yup. Peeps are for them starting a relationship. So far, though, there’s no indication of anything serious.

Bonang was flattered by what told her and how he did it, and she was flirty – according to her fans – and they loved it all.

By the way, Bonang shared the clip of the encounter on her Story. Would she end up dating Big Zulu? We’ll be herre to share more details. Stay tuned.

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