Bonang Dances To Ex-Boyfriend AKA, Are They Back On Good Terms?

Seems the estranged Ex partners, Bonang and AKA have been able to bury the hatchet, as Bonang was seen in a video grooving to one of AKA’s songs.

The split between the two was one of the major bangs to hit the celebrity world few years ago and their split didn’t happen without few hurtful words thrown here and there.

Now it seems the two are in good terms, this is seen from their activities together on social media. Recall AKA had ones referred to her as a Goddess during one of his rants on twitter and has also said good things about the TV personality. Now to further strengthen the proof, during an Instagram live session she was seen all glammed up and grooving to AKA’s “How do you like me now” single.

Due to the isolation and travel ban the reality TV Star having time on her hands decided to entertain her fans.

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