Bonang Matheba Is Really Starting A Record Label

South African TV host, Bonang Matheba is really going to start a record label and it’s possible that it will happen really soon.

It started first as a joke with her tweeting about it that her own friends thought she was crazy when she told them that she wanted to float a record label.

Then, it turned out that the TV personality meant every word of it and has said just as much to a fan requesting details on when the label would be floated.

Her first tweet on the subject came last December and read:

….I wanna start a record label! Lol! My girls think I’m mad.

A number of fans would have thought this was a just joke of some sort, but no, when a fan tweeted a reminder that read:

@bonang_m we’re still waiting for your record lable ma’am. I pray it happens because we wanna submit music

She responded that it is coming.

With news that the label is coming, fans who have an active interest in singing would do well to refine those lyrics they have and hit the studio ahead of Bonang’s launch of her label.

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