Bonang Matheba On “Bullying” Rea Gopane

House of BNG  boss Bonang Matheba has reacted to claims she was bullying a local YouTuber by slamming him with a R500k suit.

Local vlogger Rea Gopane claimed that Bonang used cocaine and transferred her coke habits to her then boyfriend Kiernan Jarry Forbes (AKA), who is being bashed after his most recent girlfriend Nelli Tembe committed suicide in early April.

According to Gopane, Bonang’s cocaine habits had been revealed to him by media personality and singer Scoop Makhathini.

An angry Bonang had slammed Gopane with a R500k suit. Because many think Gopane cannot affords the sum, they’re accusing Bonang of bullying the YouTuber. Bonang doesn’t care what people think of her decision to file a suit against Gopane, though.

Tweeting about her suit, she had insisted that those who want to be left alone should also leave her alone. If they don’t disturb her, she won’t disturb them.

By the way, Gopane has issued a statement of apology to Bonang. He has also released a video in which he apologized to her. Check it out below.

What do you think of Bonang’s reaction to gopane’s apology? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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