Bonang Matheba & Rea Gopane “Keep Going” In Their Online Drama

It appears like is in no hurry to leave the track of trouble. The local YouTuber had been slammed with a R500k defamation suit by Bonang’s lawyers and been forced to release a written apology on Twitter.

He had made a joke of his apology statement and had been forced to release a much longer apology via video. Not done yet, he had resorted to snide remarks as well as deleting the posts he made earlier.

Yesterday 19 April, he posted the messages he received before he was given the letter of demand by Bonang, describing it as the calm before the storm. saw his post and urged him to “keep going” You can check it out below.

Some social media user have been warning to tread softly as he has no idea what he’s really doing in his thirst for attention.

By the way, isn’t the only person has put down on social media. He’s also derided Prince Kaybee. But unlike Bonang, Prince Kaybee has no plans of taking him to court and has made this known publicly.

Well, it looks like the conflict between and Bonang is just beginning. Or what do you think?

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