Bonang Matheba Says Rea Gopane Pays Monthly Instalments After R300K Defamation Verdict Against Him

South African entrepreneur and media personality has revealed that Rea Gopane, the who had allegedly made some damaging accusations about her and been sued as a result, has been paying monthly instalments in damages as ordered by the court.

The House of BNG boss had gotten an R300k ruling against teal, who co-hosts Everything South African Music (ESAM) after he made several damaging allegations against her. At the time she got a favourable verdict against him, he was defiant and described her as delusional.

Previously, he had vowed that he wouldn’t give her anything despite the court ruling against him. It turned out – if Bonang is to be believed – that despite his public braggadocio,  he was obeying the verdict of the court.

Bonang had given an update when a Twitter user asked what happens when one sues another. The user’s follower had said that the question should be directed at Rea Gopabne, whom Bonang had sued. She didn’t tag (mention) Rea but mentioned Bonang’s name and the media personality readily replied.

According to Bonang, Rea has been paying the court judgment instalmentally and in the event he should acquire a car or a house, she would attach those as well until the full sum is paid.

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