Bonang Matheba Shuns Tweep’s Opinion On Reuniting With DJ Zinhle

Bonang Matheba Ignores Opinion To Reunite With DJ Zinhle

Bonang Matheba Shuns a Tweeps opinion to make good and reunite with DJ Zinhle.

There are certain people in Mzansi who the news always revolves around them. Their lives and relationships have practically become a household topic not only on social media but also in households.

The friendship between popular celebs DJ Zinhle and Bonang Matheba was once something to look at in Mzansi but sadly, it is no more. All thanks to a man. The relationship between the two ended after AKA and Zinhle parted ways and the former began dating Bonang. Of course no girl wants to keep a friendship with someone who breaks the girl code.

Recently, a tweeter user suggested that Bonang throw the first bone and get her friend back writing;

“I can’t wait for Bonang and DJ Zinhle to make up. Two of the most hardworking personalities in our industry will not and cannot be divided by a man when they can [soar] higher together. Moghel throw the first bone.”

To which she replied in a since deleted tweet,

Keep my name out of this mess,” 

Well, there goes our hopes of a reunion between the two successful celebs. That certainly, would have been the best thing to happen to Mzansi.

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