Bonang Matheba Trolled For Not Having Kids

Bonang Matheba gets trolled for not having babies and she replies.

Mzansi star, Bonang Matheba knows exactly what it feels like to face people’s expectations. All through the course of her successful career, Bonang has had to fend off people’s opinions, and do her thing. And that seems to be working well for her.

The Mzansi star recently got trolled by fans for not having babies and she is not having it. Matheba was compared by a fan to iconic TV host, Oprah Winfrey who stated that he did not understand why they didn’t want to have babies to carry on their legacy.

The comparison has led to a lot of fans trolling her on Twitter. In reply, Matheba urged all her trolls to go “f**k” themselves. Back in October she tweeted about wanting to have babies for a mystery man. Bonang has also been honest about loving children and wanting to have hers someday.

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