Bonang Reacts As Kenny Kunene Takes Over As Acting Mayor Of Johannesburg

Kenny Kunene is the acting mayor of the city of Johannesburg. He took over the position courtest of the decision made by Mayor Kabelo Gwamanda, who is out of the province on some official assignment.

Gwamanda is in Cape Town and picked Kunene to hold the reins of affairs until he gets back in town. The choice of Kunene has elicited mixed reactions from social media users and those who were conversant with the life of the former blessed.

One such person is no other than the House of BNG boss, Bonang Matheba, who joked that she hopes to open ZAR, which happens to be a club where Mzansi partied hard and Kunenen blessed tweeps with his resources.
Bonang said she bought a new dress and hoped to open ZAR. But would they? Lol. You can check out her tweet below.

How Kunene holds fort in Gwamanda’s absence might determine what the people might think of his political capabilities. Bonang is too interested in the finer details, though. She just wants to party.

By the way, Kenny Kunene holds the position until the elected mayor returns back to town. Maybe Bonang might forget her craving for ZAR then. Who knows?

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