Bonang Shares “B’Dazzled” 4th Episode Trailer – Watch Now

For those who have been angling to see what South African entrepreneur, show host and socialite Bonang might drop as she gears for the 4th episode of her reality show “B’Dazzled,” there is a piece of good news. The businesswoman has just released the trailer for the upcoming episode.

For maximum reach, she shared the trailer on her social media accounts giving fans an idea about what she is cooking. Bonang is known for her use of makeup. She is on makeup most of the time, but there appears to be a change this time.

Fans noticed she didn’t have makeup on in the clips she shared, and they were pleased, especially as, according to them, she looked great without makeup. Some even made it clear that they preferred “this” look to the one with her on makeup. You can check out the clip below.

The trailer is like a teaser and a free peek into what will follow. But it remains unclear how fans will react to the 4th episode when it finally drops. Anyway, we will be here to share the same with you when it drops. Just follow our social media channels and stay tuned for updates

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