Bongani Fassie Claims His Late Mother, Brenda Did Not Die from Natural Causes

claims that his mother, Bongani Fassie did not dies of natural causes, and asks for answers.

We were all sad to hear in 2004 that Mzansi music legend, had passed away. While we have made our peace with her passing, her son, is still searching for answers.

In a recent episode of his reality show, “Finding Bongani”, Fassie’s son revealed that his mother did not die of natural causes. He claims that someone turned off the life support that kept her alive. In the episode, the Fassie family decided to go to the graveyard to pay their respects to their relatives who had departed.

It seems 3 people including the legendary Brenda were buried in the same grave. After the visit to the graveyard, things got dramatic when Bongani claimed that his mother did not die of natural causes and asked to know who turned off the life support. The episode has sparked questions on social media.

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