Bongani Fassie “Not Backing Down” Over R25 Million “Stolen” From Late Mother Brenda Fassie’s Estate

There appears to be no end in sight in the drama over Brenda Fassie’s estate, as her only son Bongani Fassie has just revealed that R25 million has disappeared from her estate.

Who could have taken the sum, assuming his claims are true? Well, the musician who rarely drops any music these days has been pointing fingers in the direction of Lance Stehr, the owner of Muthaland Entertainment.

He accused the music executive of mismanaging his mother’s estate. He noted he can’t find where R25 million from her estate went and that as a result, he would not back down but fight to see where the money went.

Lance Stehr and Bongani have not really had the best relationship, as the music executive had previously accused Bongani of giving him drugs. He then threatened to sue him for that.

According to Bongani, Stehr is his legal guardian who appointed himself to that role. While the two men bicker, Mzansi is busy watching and wondering when the drama between them will end. There appears to be no end in sight, as the issue erupts again and again – interesting entertainment for South Africana and social media users generally.

Well, it remains to be seen how Stehr will react this time.

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