Bongani Fassie Opens Up On Drugs, Family Brenda Fassie, Mental Hea;th

South African music producer is set to detail his struggle with mental health and more in the first episode of his reality television show  Finding Bongani, showing on Moja Love. The songster had announced the coming of the show a while back.

Many claim to know Bongani, the only song of the late pop icon Brenda Fassie. But the singer and music producer insists that many people really don’t know him. And in his imminent show, he promises to shre little known aspects of his life.

The details will not be limited to his one life, however, as the songster will also throw  light on the aspects of his late mother’s life, including the claim that she died of a drug overdose.

For those who want to know how he spent his alleged millions legacy, the songster has got an answer for them as well. Bongani insists that his inheritance was taken from him. The first episode can’t possibly cover all aspects of his life, so  other episodes will follow soon after.

It is Bongani as you probably never knew him. You may want to check out the introductory video below and join the conversation by dropping your thought.

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