Bongani Fassie’s Girlfriend Buhle Claims He Battered Her, Shares Pictures of Bruised Body

Bongani Fassie’s girlfriend Buhle has accused him of gender-based violence, sharing images to buttress her point. And Mzansi is interested in what has happened between the couple.

This isn’t the first time the only son of the late singer Brenda Fassie was getting in the news over alleged assault on his girlfriend. The news pops online sporadically. But somehow, the couple still manages to stick together – for whatever reason.

In her latest GBV claims against Bongani, Buhle Sangweni shared images of her bruised body and their wrecked apartment to buttress her claims. She used a popular gossip blog called Maphephandaba to share the images.

The page is locked, so it is impossible to see the images except if one is already following the page. But those who have seen what was written there claimed that Bongani broke everything in the house, and she shared video evidence as well.

At the time of writing, Bongani had not addressed Buhle’s claims. If and when he would address that is left to time. But we might bring you more details if he should speak on her claims. So follow us and tag along.

GBV is a serious issue in South Africa, and victims are encouraged to always speak out

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