Bonko Khoza and Lesego Khoza Celebrate Their 3rd Anniversary

Mzansi actor Bonko Khoza and his wife Lesego Khoza share throwback photos as they celebrate their third wedding anniversary.

Famous actor and voice-over artist Bonko Khoza and his wife Lesego Khoza are celebrating a recent milestone in their marriage. Lesego shared a post showing love to her man. She wrote,

“Happy Anniversary, Nana @bonkokhoza.” And he replied, “Happy Anniversary, love of my life. I love you so much.”

Briefly News writes that Bonko and his wife Lesego met almost 11 years ago at an art school they both attended. They began dating a little while after meeting and married eight years later. The couple marked two years of their

In 2023, after marking two years of their marriage, they got pregnant with their first baby.

In an interview with YouTubers The Makhs, Bonko Khoza shared how parenthood made him see a different side to his wife, Lesego.

“Naturally, there’s that added element in the home. What we knew as our dynamic has changed, and adjusting to it is tricky. Having a newborn, you live in three-hour gaps that she sleeps in, in the 24 hours. It’s evident, the lack of sleep, the business, helping each other, relieving each other. At the foundation of it, we still got it. I’m learning more about Lesego and how amazing of a mother she is, she’s an amazing mom.”

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