Bontle Modiselle and Daughter Afrika Dance Together

Famous Mzansi choreographer Bontle Modiselle and her daughter Afrika did an adorable dance on TikTok together.

One of the most heartwarming things you will see on the internet is a famous parent teaching their kids what made them famous. Bontle Modiselle is known for many things but dance and choreography have opened many doors for her, both local and international.

The beautiful mom of one recently appeared in a TikTok video with her adorable daughter Afrika, who should be three years old this year. Mzansi was thrilled to see the beautiful girl got some of her Mama’s talents. They did the viral “Yahyuppiyah” dance together, and Bontle revealed it was her daughter’s favourite dance.

Awwwwn. Fans could not stop gushing about how adorable it was that Afrika was taking after her mom. We also wonder if she would get her father’s rap genes. Now, that would be crazy. Watch the video below.

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