Bontle Modiselle Hosting RedBull’s “Dance Your Style” Finals

Choreography Queen Bontle Modiselle will be hosting RedBull’s “ Your Style” finals and she’s excited about it all.

The mother of one (a daughter called Afrika) is no stranger to the world of dance. In fact, she’s easily one of the finest dancers out there. And yeah, she had danced her way to the labor room, where she gave birth to the daughter mentioned earlier.

Well, for those who love to and who made it to RedBull’s “Dance Your Style” finals, Bontle is more than excited to be your host, alongside Elly

In a recent post to Instagram, she had noted it took some time to pick the the dancers in the finals, who she referred to as South Africa’s finest gems.

The finals will hold tomorrow Friday and can be watched live via the website:

Who would win the prize at the end of the day? One can only guess. Anyway, we’ll be here to bring you details of a winner. So follow our social media channels, subscribe to our newsfeed, and stay tuned for updates.

By the way, besides dance. Bontle is also a musician and one-half of the South African band Rick Jade. Th other member is her husband Priddy Ugly.

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