Bontle Modiselle In Rwanda, Dumps Dreads & Unveils Local Hairstyle – See Pictures

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With a new country comes a new life and new hairstyle – or so it seems for South African choreographer Bontle Modiselle.

She left South Africa for Rwanda with dreadlocks. But she has since ditched the hairstyle for something local, and she couldn’t be happier for the transformation.

In a post on her official Instagram page, the mother of one shared slides of her new look and new hairstyle, which illuminates the cultural universe of her current location. In place of her dreads, she now has tribal braids, complete with hair rings.

It is unclear what exactly took her to Rwanda and how long she would be there, but from what she has shared so far, she is certainly having a wonderful time in the country. You can check out the snaps below.

Bontle Modiselle is married to the rapper Priddy Ugly. They are often seen by younger people as the ideal couple, in that their love story dates back almost two decades. They were in love even before they became famous, and so far no scandal or infidelity has tainted their relationship – something some couples aspire to but might never get.

By the way, Bontle is also known to be a fierce supporter of her husband.