Bontle Modiselle Opens Up About Dreaming Her Father’s Death Before It Happened

Famous Mzansi choreographer Bontle Modiselle has opened up about dreaming of her father’s death before it happened and how she blamed herself for it.

Bontle Modiselle has done quite well for herself on the entertainment scene. Reigning as one of the top choreographers in the country, Bontle still has struggles that she wishes to heal from.

The famous dancer was a guest on 702 with Relebogile Mabotja, where she spoke about her father’s death by suicide. She opened up about blaming herself for it because she dreamt about it before it happened. She said,

“I woke up to go and see what my father was doing, and he had stuff with him. He had a rope; he had stuff. It was in the wee hours of the morning, and I didn’t think anything of it.”

She revealed that she blamed herself for dreaming about suicide and doing nothing about it. She said,

“And why it didn’t shock me was because I dreamt about it before it happened, and I told my mother… I woke up and told them. For a very long time, I blamed myself for my dad’s death; I really did… I felt if I hadn’t dreamt about it… he wouldn’t have done it.”

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