Bontle Modiselle opens up about her father’s absence

Bontle Modiselle talks about the impact of her father's absence

opens up about her father’s absence on Fathers’ day.

Fathers’ day was a really beautiful one this year and various Mzansi celebrities took to social media to celebrate. Beautiful messages about a fathers’ love and sacrifice filled social media but one stood out. It was Bontle Modiselle’s message to her absent father.

The talented presenter and choreographer took to her account to reveal how much her father’s absence since 1997 had affected her life. In the tweet, she wondered about all the things she had heard about him including his cooking, his height & smell, and more. She also asked why he left.

She also revealed she had never celebrated fathers’ day until this year. According to her, she’ll be celebrating it for the first time with her husband and kid. The tweet got a lot of positive reactions from her fans who wished her well, and celebrated with her.