Bontle Modiselle Wows Mzansi With Her New Dancing Video

Famous dancer and choreographer Bontle Modiselle wows Mzansi with her recently shared dancing video.

In our opinion, no one sells themselves better than Bontle Modiselle. The famous dancer always gives fans something to look forward to on social media. Anytime she joins a dance challenge, we are always certain she will kill it more than anyone who did before her.

We still cannot get her Water Dance Challenge out of our heads. Bontle did so well that Mzansi couldn’t stop talking about it. She also made us smile when she featured as a guest on Lasizwe’s Awkward Dates. We laughed throughout. This proved she isn’t just a great dancer, but one with a great personality.

Bontle is back doing what she does best. She shared a video with two dancers, and their choreo was out of this world. She shared the video with the caption, “Here for’s Bhebha lol. @lehakweralengau is too cool. Vibes @bontlemodiselledancestudio Dc:”

Fans noted how in sync they all were and praised their delivery. Some even wished they could pull off those moves like her. deco_by_lola wrote, “I wonder if Bontle knows that in my head, I dance exactly like her it just appears differently on camera.”

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