Bontle Modiselle’s Daughter Afrika Wows Netizens With TikTok Dance Video

There is a saying that the apple does not fall far from the tree. Any goes that a lion does not give birth to a goat. Both aphorisms essentially mean the same thing – the similarity people often have with their parents. That’s nature’s reality and it is rarely broken.

Anyway, South Africans may have gotten a sterling example of this reality from a recent clip of Afrika dancing, shared on TikTok. In case you are wondering who Afrika is, she is none other than the daughter of celebrated choreographer Bontle Modiselle and rapper Priddy Ugly.

With two distinguished parents, maybe Afrika dancing so well on TikTok shouldn’t be such a big deal to many. But it was. Such was the interest in the clip that it went viral in no time.

Bontle shared the clip of that moment on her TikTok, noting in the option that her daughter taught her a new dance move. She joked that despite being taught, she isn’t doing it right. You can check out the clip below.


Afrika taught me her new dance and I know I’m not doing it right. What should we call it? 😅😂🔥 Dc: Afrika #AfrikaChallenge#WhatDoWeCallIt

♬ I fck up – Prince Ayaya

The clip resonated with many South Africans, who praised the kid for her dance moves, with some predicting that she would best her mother in the coming years if she, Afrika, decides to take up choreography.

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