Bontle Modiselle’s Dubai Snaps Have Mzansi Talking Body Goals

South African choreographer and media personality Bontle Modiselle had her compatriots going crazy after sharing snaps from her Dubai vacation. Her countrymen were not too interested in her vacation but in her impressive figure.

In a post on her verified Instagram page, the mother of one had shared slides from her trip abroad. She looked stunning in all of them, with a physique that had some men losing their home training in the comment section.

The first slide showed her in bum shorts, posing beside a pool. She appeared to be looking at her phone but the way she held the phone showed how people usually display their phones for the public to know they are using something expensive (iPhone).

In the second slide, the spirit of choreography had apparently possessed her. She was shaking her derriere while still staring at her phone, a can (of soft drink?) in hand. She also shared the weather report at the time the pictures were taken. It was pretty hot. You can check her out below.

Bontle, who is married to the rapper Priddy Ugly, is a choreographer and gym nut whose figure sporadically pops up online as a subject of conversation. So the current conversation around her Dubai snaps is in no way surprising.

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