Bontle Modiselle’s Impressive Body In New Video Had Mzansi Praising Her & Hubby Priddy Ugly

Celebrated choreographer and fitness freak Bontle Modiselle set Mzansi’s social media on fire once again with a clip of her apparently practising for a challenge.

Most South Africans who saw the clip were more focused on her athletic figure than on the choreography that was going on in the clip. They praised her body, with some of them noting that her husband, the rapper Priddy Ugly, had won in life by bagging himself such a beauty.

In the caption to her post, she noted that a challenge was loading but did not go into specifics of the same. She also shouted out her husband as the one who shot the clip, which you can check out below.

The Instagram reel she shared is one of several clips of herself she has shared so far this month. Interestingly, in almost all of them, people overlook what is going on and instead focus on her body and how shapely she looks.

Given how her clothing choices appear to accentuate her figure, it is doubtful that fans will stop focusing on her body anytime soon. Maybe she wants it that way. Who knows? At least her husband is not complaining at all – to the best of our knowledge so to speak.

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