Bontle Modiselle’s Resolution Regarding Husband Priddy Ugly

South African television personlity Bontle Modiselle thinks so high of her husband Priddy Ugly and his music, and she is keen the world should.

Not only does she think highly of her husband and his art, she also made it known that she’ll always support him. She thinks in the world of South African hip hop, he’s seriously underrated and undervalued.

He’s dope, according to her, and although his gifts might be overlooked by South Africa’s music orbit, she’ll stand by him, not because she’s obligated to as his wife but because he’s really good.

Her fans were mostly in support of her verdict. Regarding Priddy Ugly’s music gift, one fan even commented that people are busy looking at things that don’t concern them.

Priddy Ugly and Bontle make a great couple. In fact, many in South Africa use them as relationship goals. They were friends for over a decade before they got married, and their relationship is getting even stronger.

For her fan, Bontle is apparently prepared to make many sacrifices. Not long ago, she had revealed that infidelity is not a deal breaker for her. In other words, if her husband should cheat, she would still stick around with him and not end split.

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