Boosie Badazz Stands By His Trans Remarks, Says Jay-Z Wasn’t Involved

Boosie Badazz says Jay-Z was never involved as he stands by his trans remarks

Boosie Badazz stands by his Trans remarks, and reveals Jay-Z was never involved.

Boosie Badazz has been in the news for some time now. His remarks concerning Zaya Wade’s transition have received a lot of criticism from the public. At some point, the rumour was that Jay tried to lock down a chat with him, but he declined.

Now, he’s speaking out about all of it. Appearing on VladTV he stood by his initial remarks saying he’s old fashioned and had no ill intentions. He also revealed that Jay was never involved. According to him, the owner of his reality show offered to call the Hip Hop icon when they started losing sponsors but he declined.

The people got it wrong. The owner of my reality show, he know Jay. We started losing advertising, he like, ‘Imma call Jay. Jay can put you on the line with Dwyane Wade and y’all do some sh*t. We clear this sh*t up and go get the bag. Whoopty woo. Jay can make it happen.’ He the one who can make it happen. He from New York, my boy from New York. I was just like, no, bruh. No, I ain’t…I stand what I stand on. I don’t feel I said nothing wrong to apologize for.

He also revealed that his mother “got on his ass” about it. He said she inspired the line “who am I to judge?” because she kept saying it to him. He however stood by his words saying “I ain’t apologizing”. In his opinion, Zaya is too young to make thatdecision.

That’s where I got that line from, ‘Who am I to judge?’ ‘Cause she kept saying that. And I just made the song.” 

“I feel kids can’t make decisions like that at that age and I just believe in traditional values, that’s all. And people took it the wrong way but I wasn’t trying to harm nobody about it. I don’t have nothing against nobody or nothing like that.” 


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