Bra Kop Trends With Viral Clip Of Him Dancing & Singing In The Bus

Mzansi In Stitches As Rhythm City’s Bra Kop’s Thai Massage Picture Pops Online

He stands out as much for his acting gift as for his entertaining personality. Bra Kop showed he is a man of many parts again recently when he entertained the public with some intriguing dance moves.

Bra Kop is the character name he bears out of Rhythm City, one of the notable South African series out there. And the name has stuck, with some people not knowing and not even caring to know what his real name is.

Anyway, the thespian snagged attention again recently when a clip of him dancing in a bus with other passengers popped online and went viral. South Africans were more than happy to lap up the hilarity of the clip and generally had a good time at Bra Kop’s expense – not that he cared though.

But that’s not all. Bra Kop’s Thai massage session image had also popped up online. It elicited mixed reactions from people who wanted to know what exactly was going on in the massage parlour where he looked like a man in pain while a lady of Asian origin seemingly massaged his back.

His dancing had many people present with him laughing and generally having a good time. The moment was high –energy. You can check it out below.