Bravo Le Roux Announces Distribution & Publishing Deals, Drops Album Next Month

For some South Africans, he appeared to have vanished from the scene. It turned out Bravo Le Roux had not gone anywhere after all. He is right there and has even just secured a publishing deal ahead of the release of his debut album.

According to reports, he has just secured a publishing deal with Sony Publishing and a distribution deal with The Orchard. These deals set things in motion for the songster’s intensely anticipated “Igazi, Iinyembezi Nombilo” album. That project drops on the last day of June – the 30th.

The songster himself revealed some details of the deal in a recent post on his offical Instagram page. The deal, according to him, is tailored to want he wants and he still own 100 percent of his masters – somethin many musicians out there can only hope to achieve.

There is palpable excitement as much over the recent deals as over the album. Except something should go wrong somewhere. South African should look forward to a sumptuous musical feast on the last day of next month.

Of course, as the leading South African music blog, you can count on us to share the same with you as soon as it is released. Stay tuned, y’all.

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