Brenda Fassie’s Ex-Husband Nhlanhla Mbambo Dies In Durban

At the time of her death, singer Brenda Fassie was survived by an only son and her ex-husband, Nhlanhla Mbambo. It has just been reported that the businessman himself has just passed away after a short illness.

DJ Muntu Khoza, a family friend and spokesperson, announced the death but without sharing much details.

The news of his death has led to many reflections on his time on earth when he was alive. Mbambo was a very controversial figure in his lifetime. Back in 2000, he was arrested alongside his co-conspirators after attempting to rob a businessman of his Mercedes Benz.

The robbery failed and he was chased down the streets with his accomplice. He was arrested and sent to the slammer. Despite his battle with the law, he would rather have everyone believe that he is not a bad guy.

Brenda and Mbambo got married in 1989 but divorced two years later. She accused him of being after his money, spending everything she earned faster than she made them. Despite their having an extravagant wedding. she decided he had had enough and filed for divorce.

Mbambo continued his life without her and delved into crime along the way. He was soon convicted for attempting to steal a Mercedes Benz.

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