Brenda Mtambo Grateful To Fans Following 10 Years In Music Concert

It’s ten years of music for South African singer Brenda Mtambo. In that period, she has achieved so much and positioned herself as an important voice in the country’s music. She couldn’t be happier about her music journey.

Of course, without her fans, she couldn’t have come this far. They were the ones buying and listening to her music and talking about her all over the place, invariably projecting her to the community and those they came across.

Recognising the role her fans have played in her success, the songstress decide to host a concert to commemorate her 10 years in the industras well as entertain her fans. The support for the concert was massive and it wasn’t lost on her. Taking to Instagram page, she thanked them for their support in her musical journey.

She confessed that the support of her fans and the success of the show left her emotional. She noted that she didn’t have much – just the love for music and the people she did it for. She aksoi stated that she brings 100 per cent to every sho she decides to do – something that also sho3es her respect for her audience. You can check out her post below.

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