Brenden Praise And Wife, Mpoomy Ledwaba Celebrate 5th Wedding Anniversary

Mzansi singer, and his beautiful wife, are celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary.

In a world where there are couples parting ways after a few months or years of marriage, it is nice to see some still pulling through. Thanks to Mzansi singer and songwriter, and his wife, Mpoomy we know what a happy couple looks like.

The two are currently celebrating 5 years of being married to each other, and they’re having the time of their lives doing it. According to a post shared by Brenden to social media, they’re vacationing in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Did we mention that they’re also making the most of their time together.

The former star shared a message to his wife talking about how much he enjoys the time he spends with her. He also wished her a happy 5th wedding anniversary with him. Check the posts out below.

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