Brent Faiyaz & Drake Are “Wasting Time” In New Song | Listen

It’s a new month, and America’s Brent Faiyaz and his Canadian counterpart Drake are already “Wasting Time” in a new song. Oh, well, not in the sense you might imagine.

“Wasting Time” is what it is – just a song – with zero prospect of turning you into a wastrel. So, you may say you’re in good company. You may think of the song as a hurray to the summer – a song that might take your mood inches up the orbit. Not bad, mate, not bad.

Faiyaz and Drake made a great team, and a flame emoji might be given as the best representation of their collaboration. If you find yourself hoping the two link up again, know that you’re not alone. The two pals have dropped a number that we think should lead to another.

By the way, the guest artiste Drake is apparently set to turn his life carbon neutral. His first step towards this goal was investing in the startup Aspiration alongside celebs like Leonardo DiCaprio

What do you think of Brent Faiyaz and Drake’s “Wasting Time” tune and how would you rate it? You’re welcome to stream the song below and share your thoughts in the comment section

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