Britain’s Got Talent: South African Amputee Wows Judges, Audience

That saying that there is ability in disability proved true on the Set of Britain’s Got Talent recently, as South Africa-born dancer Musa Motha wowed the audience with his performance on the set.

Motha, 27, had earlier charmed the judges when he achieved the show’s first-ever group golden buzzer. It was one win that put him in the running for what he achieved later – an entry into the semifinals on Monday.

In the semifinal, he was just as impressive and the judges rewarded his sterling performance accordingly. The performance wasn’t lost on the audience. Those who turned up from the showing were chanting the performer’s name after he thrilled them with his performance.

Soon after, it was announced that Motha has made it to the season’s finale.

In a post on its Facebook page, Britain’s Got Talent shared the moment Motha wowed the audience with his performance at the semifinal and how they erupted in delightful chants of his name. For posterity, that moment lives below.

While Motha is luxuriating in triumph after triumph, his compatriots back home are celebrating him the way they see fit, sharing about him on social media and telling how his story is a motivation to others to fight their way to the top despite their disabilities.

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