British Actress And Politician Glenda Jackson Dead At 87

After a long sojourn in Britain’s political and film orbits, Emmy-winning actress and former politician Glenda Jackson died quietly at her home in London. She was 87.

Her agent, Lionel Larner, confirmed her death to the media, noting that she died at her home in London after a brief illness. The nature of the illness was not given. But the confirmation was enough for many, even though they would have been grateful if the news of her death was a mere rumour.

Larner, who had worked with her for a while, described her as one of the greatest actresses and a best friend of over 50 years. His sentiments were shared by some social media users, who harped on Glenda’s contributions to British film and politics until her death.

Actor Michael Caine remembered her as one of the greatest film actresses, noting that it was a privilege to have worked with her. “It was as wonderful an experience this time as it was 50 years ago. I shall miss her,” he noted.

Glenda came, she saw, and she became a great actress. She will be sorely missed not just for her acting gift but for her leadership[ qualities exemplified during her political journey. Details of Glenda’s funeral will be announced shortly.

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