Broadcasting Regulator BCCSA Addresses Nudity In “Shaka Ilembe”

Shaka Ilembe was a big hit when the teaser was released and even the first episode was a hit with the audience. However, some people have been complaining about nudity in the high-anticipated series.

In one scene, a maiden is seen with her titties, bare. This provoked a debate online, with some tweeps calling on the broadcast regulator to sanction the producers of the show.

In response to the call, however, the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA) gave some context into what many complained to be nudity. The body argued that what some people called nudity exemplifies a part of Zulu culture.

Beyond that, according to the body, the film also airs at a time when underaged people would have slept off and therefore in no position to consume the content of the series.

While the debate about nudity in Shaka Ilembe continues, the series is also under scrutiny, after a producer claimed that the idea was stolen from him before he could go into production.

Shaka Ilembe was set in the 1700s and brings to life the legend of Shaka Zulu – said to be the greatest king of the Zulus – and his legacy. It has been of great interest since it premiered.

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