Brothers Beyond Blood: Mondli Makhoba Reflects On Friendship With Wiseman Mncube

Friendship has often been described as a beautiful experience, and those who have experienced genuine friendship would tell you that it indeed is. One such person is actor Mondli Makhoba, who has a deep friendship with Wiseman Mncube.

The pair’s friendship dates back to 2013 when they were both on the set of the same flick. Since then, they have continued to nurture their friendship and it has become something of beauty – at least that is what South Africans are saying.

To give an idea of the beauty of this friendship, Mondli Makhoba shared an Instagram post in which he detailed some of their life stories together, including when they met, the period they lived together and when they were robbed and became homeless.

Amid the chaos and suffering together, they began motivating each other and kept at it, pushing and nurturing their friendship. Most of what he shared came as a surprise to many who weren’t too conversant with their friendship.
Well, as far as they are concerned, their has passed friendship and is now a brotherhood. You can check out his post below.

Many South Africans who read the post were chuffed with the beauty of it all, with some stating it should be an example in an industry where betrayals are rife.

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