Brown Mbombo Needs “A Bodyguard To Gym”

Popular Mzansi celeb, Brown Mbombo says she needs a bodyguard to gym.

Everyone has heard of the new moves the Mbombo girls have been making since the beginning of the year. Not too long ago, they took to social media to a reveal that they had rented a new office space.

Before that, they announced that they had started a new business. It seems they aren’t only prioritizing their streams of income, they are also hitting the gym and getting in shape. Goals. A recent tweet by the very quiet Brown Mbombo had fans wondering if she was joking or actually serious.

She revealed that she needs a bodyguard to gym. Everyone knows that people either get themselves a trainer or hit the gym alone or with other people. Her fans are wondering if she’s getting too much attention at the gym hence the need for a gym bodyguard. We aren’t even sure.

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