Bruce Willis’ Daughter’s Tallulah Heartbreaking Revelation

Bruce Willis’ daughter Tallulah has just revealed some heartbreaking health details about her actor father who had had to retire from acting due to illness.

In an essay for Vogue, she recalled her father being unresponsive at some point, and those around him thinking it was just the result of his hearing loss. And they jokingly teased him about it, not knowing there was something serious underneath.

Along the line, his unresponsiveness worsened and she took things personal, assuming her father no longer had any interest in her. And because she was suffering from body dysmorphia and anorexia at the time, she was more focused on her own health, unaware her father’s health was equally declining.

That moment when she finally realized her father’s condition was as heartbreaking as can be imagined. And the realization that her father would never give a speech at her wedding was even more devastating. It is almost every girl’s dream to see their father give a speech before the assembled guest.

Bruce Willis might be down with dementia and all, but he has enormous influence in the film universe is enormous and many people continue to remember him for his gift as well as his impact in the film universe.

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