BTS: Halsey Just Shared a Photo of Suga With Her Son and It Is Beyond Precious

Today is March 9, right? For most, it would have been just another day. Well, except that it’s the birthday of one of the most cherished musical figures, Suga, a member of the K-pop collective BTS.

Even before the clock struck 12 am to in a new day, fans around the world had started celebrating the rapper and record producer – from Korea to the United States, sown to the streets of Twitter.

What appeared to have captured the attention of most, though, is the photograph Halsey Simon shared of Suga with her son.

Around the world, most fans who saw the pictures could not but exclaim how wonderful it looked, as well as the apparent bond the rapper appeared to have created with the child.

Precious. Great. Splendid. Awesome. Beautiful. These were among the words fans used to describe Suga’s moment with Halsey’s son Ender. The image was somewhat blurry. But fans didn’t mind. You can check out some of the reactions below.

The celebratory wishes are still pouring in for the songster, and from the look of things, the birthday wishes are going to even before March 9. Now that’s one of the perks of being a celeb and loved too.

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