BTS’ SUGA on Psy’s “Psy 9th” Album, Co-Produces “That That”

As a team and even as individuals, the Korean collective BTS continues to win. It has just been announced that band member SUGA will be one of the guests on fellow Korean Psy’s eponymous “Psy 9th” album.

Apart from SUGA, other musicians who made the cut include Hwasa and Suzy. 

SUGA wasn’t just a collaborator on the album. He also produced the second track out of it, “That That.” 

According to L Nation, Psy’s agency, the BTS member took part in the whole production, from writing lyrics to the arrangement. 

Commenting on the collaboration, SUGA has noted that he was nervous at some point. But he soon recovered, and he and Psy ended up as besties somehow. 

Psy, 40, actually made things easier for SUGA and fostered their bond because he didn’t let the BTS member feel the change gap. On the contrary, he took SUGA as his friend. That attitude paid off, and the two of them were able to put up a song that fans who have listened to the teaser thought would be great. 

“Psy 9th” is symbolic as a title because it is the musician’s ninth studio album. Will his next project follow a similar naming pattern? Time will tell. 

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