BTS Taking A Break – Promises To Return Soon

A massive sigh of frustration erupted around the world when the Korean pop collective announced it was taking a break from music.

In a YouTube video which sees the band at a table full of food and drinks, the band had announced it is taking a break to give each member space to explore something new as an individual.

Does that mean the group has split? Not really. They’re still one. But for now, they are giving each other space to explore life in new ways and maybe do some solo projects as well.

One of the band members, Jin, indicated that they were beginning to sound robotic as a collective. So a little space should do the band some good. In particular, he noted he has his own hobbies and things he wants to do on his own.

Suga shared similar sentiments. According to him, it’s been a struggle to come up with meaningful lyrics. But then they have a chance to redeem themselves as a collective if they should explore things individually for some time.

Made up of Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, BTS officially debuted in 2013. Since then, the grown has grown and emerged as one of the most-loved Korean bands ever.

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