Buhle Samuels Gives Marriage Advice

The actress advised people to avoid addressing and confronting their partners' sides.

Buhle Samuels, the actress and television personality, is of the belief that one would get disrespected when they confront and address their partners’ alleged ‘sides.’

Taking to her Twitter page, the actress decided to advise people on not bringing disrespect upon themselves by addressing their partners’ ‘side chicks.’

She wrote:

Addressing sides while you have a man you’re exclusive with or are married to brings disrespect to yourself because it lets your man know that you’re aware of the b.s he’s up to and you accept it. It lets us know that you allow b.s. That is just sad!

Last year, Buhle Samuels had shared a great lesson with a thread on Twitter. Buhle talked about the importance of having the courage to please yourself first before others.

She said:

People will always choose themselves and you should pray for the courage to do the same. Don’t hold onto people who wouldn’t even flinch at the thought of letting you go. Also never lose yourself trying to resurrect what you know for sure is dead.

Buhle said that 2020 should be a year that you choose to consider yourself first before others.

Sort you out first and then helping others ‘sort’ themselves out will come naturally.

Buhle Samuels is well-recognised for her role on Muvhango. She joined the cast of’s, Imbewu: The Seed, in 2019.

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