“Built To Win, Born To Lose” By 808x Featuring A-reece & The Big Hash Teased

Super talented producer & Sound engineer, teases new song with A-Reece and tagged “Built To Win, Born To Lose”

surprised his fans to his unreleased project on his Instagram live session, the producer had A-Reece come on board, who insisted the producer played the new song they were dropping soon and the bigger surprise was when fans realized was also in on it.

A-Reece did great with his awesome verses on a dope beat prepared by and got awesome lyrical backings from The Big Hash. The song has got a lot of their fans anticipating the new jam and saying they did really well on the track.

Watch the snippet and see some of the fans reaction below;

The song saw the artist on collaboration again, after the success of ’s “OutKast” single released in 2018 alongside Flame, which received a lot of positive reviews.

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