Burna Boy On FNB Concert Postponement

It is no longer news that Nigerian singer Burna Boy had a show planned for South Africa this year. The news is that the show has been postponed. But what provoked the postponement? The narrative out there is that poor ticket sales had made the organizers defer the show indefinitely.

Reacting to the claims that poor ticket sales led to the postponement, the Nigerian singer dismissed it completely, noting that he was in South Africa last year and over 100,000 people were outside to see him. He dismissed the claim about poor ticket sales, noting it is just an agenda but it wouldn’t “agend” – as they say back home in Nigeria.

We cannot determine what exactly led to the postponement. But if indeed it is poor ticket sales, the postponement is understandable, as not having a full house might demystify the power of the “African Giant,” who had filled massive auditoriums around the world.

Burna Boy posted on his Instagram Story that he would see his South African fans soon – you know, show up for the show for the event already planned for. But he gave no timeline for his popping into the Rainbow Nation. So fans can only wait and see what happens.

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