Burna Boy Talks New Album, “I Told Them,” Virgil Abloh And More In Sit-Down With Apple Music

“I Told Them” is currently trending on Nigerian Twitter. But what could that be? Well, it is nothing more than the title of the latest album by the Nigerian singer Burna Boy. This project, and more, formed part of his recent discussion with the BBC.

Burna Boy is said to have been massively influenced by Fela, a musician his mother worked for at some point. He dwelled on that, noting that he is grateful that Fela existed the time he did and the world get to experience him and his message.

In his accomplishments, Burna Boy noted he is grateful and proud of all he has achieved, especially as he did things on his own terms.

He pointed to Virgil Abloh and J. Cole as people who have influenced him and among the people he has great respect for. He is particularly proud of what Virgil Abloh had achieved as a black man and the path he opened gotr others.

On the Album itself, “I Told Them,” and what sets it apart from others, Burna Boy said it showed him the way he wanted to express exactly how he was feeling.

The album officially drops on August 25 via the Nigeria singer’s Spaceship Records in partnership with Atlantic Records.

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