Burned In New Covid-19 Joke, Euphonik Responds

Since it became apparent that a vaccine for the coronavirus is available and might soon be administered on people, South Africans have been making jokes of the vaccine, with some stating out loud that they would not take it.

Celebrated disc jockey and producer Euphonik became the butt of jokes when his doppelganger popped online and some peeps shared the lookalike’s image, stating that is how Euphonik would look after being vaccinated.

The joke apparently amused Euphonik, and he shared the image of the lookalike, making it known in the caption that he definitely won’t look like the guy in the picture. A couple of laughing emojis indicated he was in good humour.

By the way, South Africa is facing the second wave of the coronavirus and has gone into level 3 lockdown, provoking mixed reactions from the country. Most entertainers are not happy with the lockdown and have urged the president Cyril Ramaphosa to open up the country again.

A notable voice for the reopening of the country is gqom queen Babes Wodumo. In an Instagram post – a clip of her vibing to her song – she had urged the president to open Mzansi

Well, what do you think of Euphonik’s response to the vaccine joke?

John Israel A

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