Busiswa Says Scammers Cloned Her Vehicle Number Plates

Busiswa Gqulu reveals that scammers cloned her vehicle plate number and have been committing crimes with it.

Mzansi singer is furious at her car tracking company. According to her, they have failed to provide her with a vehicle log so they can keep track of her car’s activities. The “Banomoya” hit maker took to Twitter to share her plight.

She revealed that scammers had cloned her vehicle plate number and have been using it to commit petty crimes in Jo’burg. She also says it isn’t even the type of crimes we see in action movies. Her followers took to the comments section to sympathize with her.

A follower also shared another man’s story whose vehicle plate number was also cloned by scammers. He revealed that the man has been to the traffic department many times and has been asked lots of questions about crime. Hopefully, things get sorted out for the “Love Song” hit maker.

Being an adult in Joburg is a fvcken fvckshit sometimes. My blessed errand car’s number plate is cloned, the cloners are doing PETTY crimes with the fake plate (not even, like, movie-type moves) & now I must answer. Yhuuu. ANDIDIKWE. @CartrackZA thanks for nothing”

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