Busta 929 Builds His Family a New House

Amapiano star Busta 929 has shared photos of a new house he built for his family.

There is nothing more impressive than seeing a successful person who gives back to his family and friends. For as long as we have known him, Busta 929 has made his music the main focus despite all of the bad news that has surrounded him in the past.

The famous DJ and producer has dropped hit songs and albums and played at some of the most significant music events in the country. But his biggest achievement is building a house for his family so that they have a place of their own.

Taking to social media, Busta shared photos of the house, which he revealed is a big one. The pictures showed the progress of the house and where it is currently at. He wrote, “I’m very proud to announce that I’ve built a big house for my family.”

He also shared a post on his Instagram page with the caption, “I can rest now. My family got a stable home. Thank you, God. The rest is history.” Fans and fellow celebs took to the comments to congratulate him and wish him well. Check the post out below.

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