Busta 929 Needs Help On Which Project To Drop Next And Who To Feature

reveals he needs help figuring out which artist to feature on his next project, and also which project to drop.

God when? When do we become so talented that we worry about artists to feature and which of our stunning projects to drop first. Well, it is exciting to see the very talented worry about these things.

The talented muso recently took to social media to seek his fans’ opinion on who to feature on his next project. He also revealed two projects including “Maba Jabul’Abantu Vol. 2” and “Umsebenz’ Wethu Duo EP” with Mpura, and asked fans to choose which should drop first.

If you’ve ever wanted him to feature someone you love, you might want to head over to his IG page to suggest it. We are having a hard time choosing which project we want. Indeed, 2021 is going to be nuts, and Busta 929 is going to be in the middle of it.

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