Camila Cabello Addresses “Rude” UEFA Fans

has denounced as disrespectful fans who sang over her Champions League opening over the weekend.

At Stade de France in Paris, the songstress had popped into the stage for a performance ahead of the Champions League final match between Real Madrid and Liverpool. However, the audience didn’t just sit and listen to her while she sang.

Instead, the audience, mostly made up of supporters of the rival teams, sang each team’s anthem. She wasn’t deterred, though. She continued with her performance and ended up giving fans what they will most likely remember for a long time.

After the performance, she had played back the clip and noted how tragic it was that people should be singing their teams’ anthems so loud while she was performing. She and her team had worked pretty hard to put up that performance, she noted. She deleted the tweet soon after.

She put up another tweet of more positive energy celebrating the audience’s love of her performance. You can check it out below.

Another post indicated that the UEFA performance was one she would never forget. She thanked her dancers and everyone else who made the performance possible.

Real Madrid won that final.

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